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We strive to provide our customers with a fair and positive experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers who will tell others about our artworks and website. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

  1. ​Co-Vid 19:  We trust you have been staying well amidst everything going on around us. The health and safety of our customer, artisans and communities are of top priority to us and we work diligently behind the scenes to mitigate risk through our practice of recommended health precautions.  To the best of their knowledge our artisans are free from Co-Vid 19. 

  2. Artisans repurpose vintage and/or modern costume jewelry and frames in creating their works of art and endeavours to provide accurate descriptions.  Customers are solely responsible to ensure to request all information that they require to be confident with their purchase.  Unless stated otherwise, all picture frames have had the glass removed.

  3. Sales include artwork only. Easels or any other props shown in pictures displaying artwork are not included in the sale.

  4. Our artisans are not professional photographers and their pictures of the artworks do not capture the true beauty of the actual artworks.  Customers should be aware and accept that variances in colours may exist between the actual art and how it is shown digitally over the internet through their computer and mobile screens.  If a customer has any questions concerning a piece of art, please contact us prior to making your purchase.

  5. Presently our website will only accommodate online sales to Canada and the USA. If you are an international customer please contact us directly for offline personal customer service.

  6. All sales are final and provided without warranty or guarantee.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, we take pride in our workmanship and want our customers to be pleased with their art acquisitions and proud to display them.  In the unlikely event a piece of jewelry comes loose during shipping please contact us for instruction on how to reattach.  Do not use regular glue as it may yellow and damage the artwork or background material. Please refer to Care Instructions on caring for your art.

  7. Prices posted are based on CDN currency and do not include shipping or any applicable duties or taxes.  The customer is responsible for paying all duties and taxes that may be levied by his/her country and/or state.  Should a customer wish to pay off-line and/or in USD currency, please contact us for personal customer service.

  8. We endeavour to ensure all pieces within artworks are well secured and that artworks are well packaged for shipping. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping.  Standard shipping within Canada includes insurance of up to $100 CDN provided by Canada Post.  Customers have the option of purchasing additional insurance.  Please contact us in advance of payment if you would like to purchase additional insurance or if you would like us to courier your item at an additional cost.  In the event of shipping damage, any claims must be made by customers directly to Canada Post.

  9. Standard shipping through Canada Post to the United States is more complex and does not always include the $100 CDN insurance, particularly for medium and small-sized packages. USA customers should contact us to discuss insurance (if available) for their items prior to making their purchase.

  10. Any clients wishing to have their artwork shipped by courier are requested to contact us in advance of purchase for personal customer service.

  11. Jewel-Re-Art takes pride in that we do not up-charge for shipping.  The standard shipping charges shown on this site are general estimates only for single pieces.  Actual shipping charges vary depending upon the dimensions and weight of packages and whether or not the customer wishes to purchase additional insurance.  Customers may choose to verify actual shipping fees prior to making their purchase by contacting us and we will determine the cost. In the event the estimated standard shipping rate paid through the websites is not correct, Jewel-Re-Art will refund any excess in shipping fees paid.  In the event the estimated shipping fee paid is significantly less than the actual cost of shipping, Jewel-Re-Art may elect to contact the customer to pay the difference between the amount paid and actual shipping costs.

  12. Jewel-Re-Art adopts a reuse and recycle philosophy in better caring for our environment.  To minimize shipping costs and pass savings on to our customers, we use clean, recycled cardboard in our packaging. 

  13. Jewel-Re-Art values the privacy of our customers and only uses personal information supplied to do business with our clients and to post testimonials received online.  Personal information included in testimonials is limited to the customer’s initials, province/state and country.  By supplying a testimonial the customer is agreeing to our privacy policy. When making online payments customers are doing so through a secure online portal to a third-party payment agency and may wish to ensure they are comfortable with the privacy policy of the payment agency.  Should you wish to pay for your item outside of the website, please contact us for personal service and we will be happy to assist you.

  14. Jewel-Re-Art reserves the right to amend its policies at any time without notice.   

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