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Jewel-Re-Art was founded by Canadian artisans who share a love of and respect for the beauty of costume jewelry and picture frames, particularly vintage and designer ones.  Our sentimental artisans believe each piece of jewelry, even the perfectly imperfect, has a history that one only needs to use their imagination to discover.

Our artisans draw on their creativity to repurpose stunning costume jewelry and picture frames.  They meticulously transform vintage, signed, modern and contemporary costume jewelry and frames into spectacular pieces of art that can be proudly displayed year-round.  These stunning artworks attract much attention and conversation.

Through creation of unique pieces of art, Jewel-Re-Art seeks to bring the past into the present by providing artworks that not only extend the history of the jewelry, but are keepsakes that can be enjoyed in the future through experiences and memories that become associated with them. 

By acquiring our artworks you are vicariously supporting charitable organizations such as the Canadian Diabetes Association, Salvation Army, Adult and Teen Challenge, as well as other charitable fundraisers.  Additionally, our artisans contribute a portion of their net proceeds to support the Autism Society and Blood Cancer Research.

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